In Memorial
Jan Lind

26.04.1952 - 29.09.2008


11:23 16-10-2008
My dear will truely be missed so much..enyjoyed chatting to you on FT and emails..take your rest now free from your pain at will always be in my thoughts Carole xxxxx
06:11 16-10-2008
So long old friend , rest in peace.
02:00 16-10-2008
You are in a better place now Jan. One without pain. May you and Faye meet. I will never think of one of you without the other.
21:25 15-10-2008

Today Esther sent me a mail about your death
We were both 56
I learned from you to keep on thinking positive
I admired you the way you could say that during your last year
I admired you for your interest in the people you called your friends
Now you are gone
Maybe you can see us from where you are now
Many thanks for everything Jan
No more pain now
No more sorrow now
Rest in peace Jan.....

18:23 15-10-2008
Hiya Jan,

Der Trauerfamilie wünsche ich einen Regenbogen.
Ein Regenbogen, der Himmel und Erde verbindet.
Ein Regenbogen, der die auf der Erde Hinterbliebenen mit der Verstorbenen im Himmel verbindet.
Mögen die verschiedenen Farben des Regenbogens die unterschiedlichen Facetten in euerer Beziehung reflektieren.
Und mögen die Farben des Regenbogens neues Licht in euer Leben bringen.

Sacon aka Jürgen
17:53 15-10-2008
Gonna Miss you dear friend ,

our almost dayly talks
and goodnights
we struggled a fight we knew we would loose
you told me manny times you lived on borrowed time
i am so glad i met you and had the chance to know you so well
we had so manny great talks
we laught and cried together
will miss you but i am glad your fight is over
rest well dear friend

your best friend Inge
17:40 15-10-2008
Darrell Davis
I only knew Jon from FT but considered him a friend. May God give his family peace at this time. Jan will be missed by many!
15:49 15-10-2008
After conversing with Jan for years, the day we knew would come is here. There will be no more suffering for our friend, only peace. Terry
15:17 15-10-2008
We never met each other in person, but it looks like we was friends since we was boy.
It happens always when somebody leaves: who complains what it is not , what it were, what it could be...I am sure that what we have shared together, with me and all the net friends, nothing and nobody can steal us.
Ciao amico Jan, ora voli nel cielo blu.
15:04 15-10-2008
May your soul be at peace now, I remember all the times chatting. Times like those bring joy to my heart. Only regret is I never got to meet you face to face.

from the late nite gang
15:03 15-10-2008
man sorry to hear about his passing
i do hope my intervention in this page is allowed as from FT user to Ft user a loss of a mate is a sad thing
14:55 15-10-2008
Condolences to the family and you will be sorely missed nansen52
14:41 15-10-2008
Jonathan Mernit
Rest in Peace Friend
14:29 15-10-2008
Lil aka windytue
ease at last may we all be at peace
a walk where the willows grow
to refresh our souls
14:11 15-10-2008
Jan my heart is sad at your passing, but rejoicing in your freedom from the pain .... I will not think of a sunrise with thinking of my viking friend.....until the day we finally meet....God bless you Jan xxx Laura
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