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Jan Lind

26.04.1952 - 29.09.2008


20:07 19-07-2008
Hello Jan,
Home again, after a nice holiday break.
I see you have birds again, wow, that sounds good.
Now you have some company again!
Hope the results of scans etc. are fine.
When do you get them??

Hope to talk to you soon
XX 3

10:57 13-07-2008
Hi Friends.
Here I sit and wait for tomorrow to come. I shall then take new CT scans and X-rays. Actually I should have done this last wednesday, but I forgot it, as I forget so many other things. So now it is scheduled fro tomorrow. I guess it will end up with new rounds of chemo. Till now I have had 38 rounds with chemo, and each session are 2 days. So my body has been hard beaten the 2 last years. Think I will apply for a new stay at the hospice home around Christmas time. I have been alone all christmases since 1986 so it would be fine with some company. My home nurse wants me to apply for a stay there earlier also. In September. But I don't know if I will do that. I have bought me some tropical birds again. I used to breed them before I got sick. I may get a couple of more later, but I have to see how my cancer escalate first.
Have a joyful time and take care.
Your friend up North
19:48 12-07-2008
hi Jan! hey uno bald is S - E -XX -Y !! so donna worry about it! Heres hoping you have smiles each day to get thru the yucky bits! spring: lol best wishes and hope to see you back in Ft soon i have 2 sets of cardinals that come to bathe in my front garden i will think of you when i see them. a big thanks to tinrem2008 for posting your link (i have SBS, slippery brain syndrome, very much like CRS llooll)
to having the best life we can with wat we have
16:23 12-07-2008
hi dear friend ,

hope you enjoy your birds
saw some pictures on the internet
they are beautifull
take care Jan hope feel better now

lovely greatings Inge
03:16 08-07-2008
Hi & Welcome home Jan. Hope yoour chemo goes better. Have you asked your doc for the anti nausea med? Faye took it. It didnt stop it but it did lessen it.
05:05 06-07-2008
TexasLady485 / Laura
hi Jan ! happy to hear you are back home and have a scooter now... we all miss you and hope for a good recovery .... praying your chemo is good from now on.... take care, Laura
04:11 01-07-2008
Emmie007 aka Susan
Dear Jan,
We miss you and want you to know that we are keeping your spots in ft ready and waiting for your return. You have lots of people that caer about you....know that we hold you in our thoughts and prayers for a quick recovery. So, come see us when you can.

10:14 24-06-2008
I miss you dearly. I know you will get well before you realize it. With Love, SonnyB
10:05 24-06-2008
Heard you have a NEW Scooter to scare all the Pedestrians again!!!!
Good to hear you are back home again my friend and hope that you feel well again soon.
Oh by the way I have enough hair if you need to borrow any anytime
Hugs from downunder
CJ and Syd
18:47 23-06-2008
Hi ft friends.
Today I came back from the special hospice home where I have been the latest 5 weeks or so.
The stay made with well, however I was about to escape one of the first days. :-) Glad I decided to stay though.
There are no special news about my medical condition. As I haven't heard anything, I guess all is about the same.
I am on chemo again now, and I handle that very bad. I get very sick each time I have had chemo. I have now rounded chemo no 37, and number 38 starts up next monday. My body is hard beaten by all these chemos, so last time I only got 80 % of full doze. My body can't handle more at the moment. My hair is also falling off again.
I hope you all are well and I wish you all the best.
Your friend
14:01 23-06-2008
Hi Jan

Welcome back
Hear you got a new scooter
How was the stay in the respite place
Hope they treated you well
Bet they made you smoke outside tho! lol
There was a rumour that you had escaped but then again that may have been my imagination
Hope the rest there did you some good and you got well looked after
Back to cooking own dinner now i suppose
that must be the downer but at least you knonw what you are going to be eating
Anyways look after yourself now after all that pampering lol
cya soon mate
13:44 23-06-2008
hiya dear friend ,

welcome home
as you know there is no place like home
but sometimes its better to stay somewere else for a while
glad you be here again
how selfish of me i better talk on yahoo at you then at phone or sms

hang on and you know how to reach me anytime

21:01 22-06-2008
Hey Jan,
Welcome back home !!
I hope you will get used to being alone again.
You have been surrounded by lots of ppl lately so I think it will not be easy.
I wish you good luck with the new chemo, and ofcourse I will be thinking of you!

Take care,
06:23 05-06-2008
Courageous, Happy, A-One, Neat, Great, Elated and Sincere = C H A N G E S what a great combo to make up the friend i call Jan (Nansen) thoughts turn to you and your recovery ....take care Jan ...Laura
03:57 28-05-2008
My thoughts and prayers are with you Jan
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