In Memorial
Jan Lind

26.04.1952 - 29.09.2008


20:34 17-03-2008
hi Jan,

I'm glad to read about you again
about your pain
but also about no chemo's till april 28th
maybe these weeks give you the rest you need so much
I also read about Lars' surprise : a harmonica
this present brings back memories
so pick it up again
and try to play a blues
Jan it is not a shame to be afraid of death
but don't do it next weeks
and play the blues with your guitar and harmonica
and when there are moments you feel lonely and sad
read this guestbook again
and start playing the blues again.....
Jan many friends are thinking of you
keep on fighting and playing the blues

greetzzzzz from Holland

Johan (Jetway at FT)
14:32 16-03-2008
Laura aka TexasLady
Hi Jan
It has been awhile ... and i just read your message. So glad to see that you are stable and am even hoping for a time when you will no longer need treatments and pills, having a complete recovery.....miracles do happen my friend...and ps...i'm jealous...wish i could play the harmonica....i love to hear it played ....praying for you Jan... warmest wishes, Laura
09:20 16-03-2008
Hi friends.
Time to write a few words again. First: Thank you all for supporting me through my illness.
As you may have heard I had to rush to hospital in emergency some weeks ago. I had terrible pain and thought the end was coming. However new scans showed nothing special. Just scars and loose nerve threads in my large intestine. The pain was solved by increasing daily dose of morphine.
So it is better now. Scans also showed that my cancer was stable. It had not been worse. That's a good thing. I have free from the chemos now to April 28th. Then new scans will be taken. And I hope results will be the same. However one never know with cancer.
Yesterday I also got a big surprise. I got a big parcel from Holland, and amongst all it contained was a harmonica. A gift from Esther's youngest son Lars.
When I was very much younger than today, I used to play guitar and harmonica. Now I can pick it up again and play (try) the Blues. That was a very fine gift and it sure bring back memories.
As you can imagine it is very tough to be alone and lethal ill. My thoughts goes way to often to Death. I must admit that I am very afraid of dying. Then it is good to have a place like this where you all faithful friends can post your greetings. I am very humble and appreciate that very much.
I feel a bit guilty though as I have missed to answer some of your private emails. However, all your emails and pictures you have sent are taken good care of and I will try to catch up as soon as I can.
Well friends. Take good care of yourselves and behave in the chats. :-)
And Richard: Don't forget to smell the roses. :-)
Greetings from your Norwegian friend
05:37 16-03-2008
Hello Jan,

Greetings from New York. We've made it through another winter, I hope spring brings you some warm
sunny days that you can enjoy.
06:29 15-03-2008
G\'day our far Flung Viking Friend,

Hope this finds you much improved after your last Chemo treatment and enjoying smelling the Roses once more.

Also hope to catch you for a chinwag soon


Claudia and Richard
02:25 13-03-2008
greetings from across the sea sent to you just from me,, may happiness sit on your shoulder .. good luck by your side.. angels from high above you .. love from all surround you peace within you .. how lucky you will be take care hun may your health improve
keep smiling
19:42 12-03-2008
Hello Jan Get well soon!!!!!!
04:38 11-03-2008
hello Nansen hello my name is jeannie l hope you get better soon
04:23 11-03-2008
Hello Nansen ( Jan )
I hope you are feeling better and that you heal up. Remember that nothing is impossible for God to accomplish. You have many friends inn Filetopia who love you very much and want so much for you to get better. When you feel bad and get depressed, think of these people who love you and maybe you'll feel just a little better. May God watch over you and care for you in your sickness and daily life and may He meet your every need.
09:22 01-03-2008
Hallo Jan
Ik kan niet zo goed engels dus doe ik het in het nederlands voor.
Hoop dat het vandaag wat beter gaat me je .
Veel plezier met al de leuke en lieve berichten die je krijgt van iedereen hoop dat je daar door toch iets lekkerder voeld.
Groetjes Miriam 30 x x x x x

Hello Jan
My english is not so good so I write this to you in dutch.
I hope you feel better today.
I wish you a lot of fun by reading all these nice messages and I hope they make you feel better,

With kind regards,
Miriam xxxxxx
07:19 01-03-2008
Hello Jan,
there's a huge team of people out here in Filetopialand constantly pulling for you in their thoughts and wishes... simply huge and beyond your or my ability to quantify... all you need to know is you have this amazing team at your back and each member has the strength of a thousand horses... do the math and that's the kind of horsepower you have behind you as you rally your defences! So, it's not just you... we are all right here behind you willing you to have the best lab results, the right x-rays results, and the negative scans. We are a force to be reckoned with! Trust us Jan, we are a strength for you to call upon -24 hours a day 7 days a week. Condolences on the loss of your moggy - we may only be "staff" to them but they certainly seem like family to the rest of us! The loss of any friend diminishes a person; my best advice, based upon personal wasted/deprived experience, is to go out and find a new kitten... my wife and I grieved the loss of our beloved dog for several unproductive years before we were "conned" by a lovely friend into boarding a homeless Jack Russell terrier "until I can find a proper home for him." Needless to say the search for a proper home ended before we had walked him home the 2 blocks from our friend's home! All the best wishes in the world now... and tomorrow... and every day therafter! Believe...
05:59 01-03-2008
Hi Jan, there is no place like home. I hope you can gather strength. We all wish you well. This is just Gimmer from the old Blues room.
21:56 27-02-2008
Hi Jan

Glad your home from the hospital. Well you had us worried for a while. They must be happy with your progres to let you home. Can you get a few weeks holiday in the respite place to build your strength up. Hope they can do something for you with the pain in your intestines.

look after yourself
Keep your chin up
See Ya soon
17:43 27-02-2008
Dear Jan,
I am so happy you are home and out of the hospital! I was very sorry to hear about the loss of your cat friend. I can sympathize. They are wonderful companions and I know you miss him. Hang in there. We miss you and hope you will be back in your room some day!!!

Your friend Joan
15:25 24-02-2008
Hi Jan,
Welcome home again.
I am happy that you are out of the hospital and I hope things
will be better for you now.

Take good care of yourself

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